Mar 092004

Saturday Aaron and I dinner with his friends Jeff and Jenn, and their new baby. I highly recommend Osaka Japanese steakhouse in Shelby. Great stuff.
Afterwards, Boz came over and we headed out to the Eagle where we met up with _kosh_ and a few other people we knew.
Triangle had their usual presence there, and was handing out coupons for a free drink, courtesy of Absolut. There were three you could choose from, with “clever” names: Absolut GLAAD, Image, and Commitment. I didn’t try the Commitment, since I was afraid of it.

Aaron didn’t think that was very funny.

Absolut Image was quickly renamed Absolut Ass, since that’s what it tasted like. Even a shot of orange juice couldn’t save it. Never mix Absolut Mandarin with Vanilla and whatever else was dumped in there: lime and bile, I think.

The next morning, Aaron, Boz and I went to the Big Boy in Rochester for an unhealthy breakfast after a night of drinking. The highlight was the bill, which I’ll take a picture of and put in here when I get home from work. Due to my inability to tear paper in a straight line, the top part was torn, but it only says “Welcome to our Big Boy”

EDIT 4:40pm: As promised. Read carefully, then smell the irony.
big boy receipt

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