Mar 292004

Yesterday I got an email from NetZero, thanking me for signing up with them under their Electronic Check payment option, and that I would see a charge on my checking account for $16.45. WTF?!

I called NetZero and told them my story (and had to call back twice and explain the whole thing to someone new, because fucking AT&T kept dropping my calls). The spent a good half hour digging through their system trying to find any reference to me or my email address, and came up with nothing. Going to call the bank and have them watch for any charge for $16.45 to my account, but I’m guessing that I got the email by mistake. It’s happened before, so I wouldn’t be surprised. I missed my gaming session with Ron and the guys over this, and probably for nothing. Ah well, it was more comfortable to lay around and finish my vampire novel instead. After the near-panic, anyway.

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