Apr 282004

roadster_guy and I are painting the new office on Saturday, pending my moving in in mid-May. I always hated painting, but he’s got all the fun toys that make it go a lot faster (painting, I mean): edgers, corner rollers, etc., so it should be quick and even fun. Now I have to decide on the important stuff, like network design. Wired or wireless? 80211.b or .g? Standalone firewall or ZoneAlarm? Checkpoint or Netscreen? If Checkpoint, Solaris or Windows? I have a Sun Ultra-5 that supposedly works, but never set it up to test it. I didn’t have enough power outlets or a Sun-compatible monitor. Hmm, still don’t have a Sun-compatible monitor, so I’d have to get an adapter. My student eval license for Checkpoint is probably only good for 2 hosts, so it may not be do-able with 3 or 4 PCs.

I’m leaning toward a wireless setup, which would require a new router and NICs for all three PCs. Looking over Linksys’s Wireless-G Broadband Router I may not even need a separate firewall, but I’d like to set up Checkpoint NG just for the hell of it, and I like the real-time logging options of it compared to ZoneAlarm or the built-in firewall function of a router. It also has a 4-port switch for wired connections, which will be necessary for future LAN parties, where most people have wired connections.

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Apr 262004

It seems every time I have a nice relaxing weekend, the following Monday just blows. We’re down 5 people including both supervisors, and a whole lot of stuff about to happen.

At least the weekend was good. Cyndi’s 40th birthday party went off great, the weather held until late Saturday, and didn’t rain until real early Sunday morning, before most of us were conscious. I was somewhat hung over Saturday and never really woke up completely until the next day.

Finished the Savage Worlds campaign over at Tom’s, now I have alternate Sundays free again. I told them I’m not joining the next game since I’ll be busy most weekends over the summer, but I’m considering the game after. I don’t know why, since every time I went I grumbled to myself that I wasn’t interested in tabletop gaming anymore. Curse the need to socialize! ;P

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Apr 212004

We lost all VPN connection to our Atlanta headquarters at about 1:30pm, so since then we’ve had no ticket database access, no firewall access, no phones, no lights, no motor car. But we can surf the web. LOL

This means we can do no work whatsoever, so I’m playing Zuma on Yahoo Games. Twenty more grueling minutes of this, and I can go home. Whew! I’m wiped out.

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Apr 202004

I dreamed I was the god of cats, in human form, and I had snuck into the cavern lair of a dragon to steal or look at something in it’s treasure hoard (a red dragon, for you other D&D nerds). It was also a game to test my sneaking skills, because of the dragon’s superhuman senses and perfect memory of the placement of every single piece of its treasure. As I got close to whatever it was I was after, the vibration of my movement caused a single coin to slide a couple inches down the pile it was on and clink against another coin. There was a sudden roar nearby and I ran like hell. I started leaping from rock to rock at full speed, staying about three steps ahead of the dragon who for some reason didn’t blast me with fire.

I barely made it out, and the dragon didn’t pursue. Suddenly I was back in the same cave, minus the dragon. Instead, I’m standing about five feet from a pool in the cave. Standing around the pool are four people in robes, led by Suzanne Somers as their high priestess or something (I’d seen her on the cover of a book at Barnes & Noble that day). Suzanne knew I was there, but couldn’t see me, and was leading a ritual that would allow her to. As she spoke, her assistants all cut their arms with knives, and let their blood drip into the pool. It just kind of faded out from there.

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Apr 202004

My Magic card auction is up to $1890, with less than an hour to go. I dreamed last night that it hit $3500, so we’ll see what happens. I doubt it’ll get that high though. Last time it only reached $2500, with the reserve set to $3000. This time I set the reserve to $2500.

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Apr 202004

Somehow I’m getting all the calls from customers with obscure questions today. All of the usual suspects are calling in for one thing or another. I’m keeping a tight grip on my attitude, but it’s not easy. I keep reminding myself that it’s still a paycheck and I still need it, even though I’m losing part of it. When you get fucked over like this it’s really hard to give a shit anymore. I mean, why bother doing a good job when the company you work for obviously doesn’t give a shit about you? I shouldn’t complain too much since I have a job, and plenty of people don’t or have worse ones than mine, but this used to be a good place to work, and I liked being here; now I’m only here because I have to be, and that’s worse than if it had been shitty from the start. The only thing that makes it bearable are my coworkers, many of whom are friends now.

Yesterday was good. I called off because I slept like shit, and there was no way I could pull it together enough to make it in. I had a Sean-worthy weird dream which I’ll post separately. I determined not to spend my entire day off playing games, so made a list of stuff to do and got all of it done except buying Cyndi’s birthday gift and doing more job hunting. I never touched a game until after 8pm, by which time I was sweating and my mouse finger was twitching uncontrollably. I finished Lord of the Rings, and found myself thinking inTolkien prose the rest of the day. I had the urge to talk like that too, but controlled myself. πŸ™‚

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Apr 152004

Wish I could get away with surfing job sites at work…

It’s too nice a day to be inside at work. I should be inside at home, napping. Was really rough getting up this morning, especially with Aaron there.

Jamie made a great dinner last night: chicken saltimbocca, steamed broccoli and red peppers, and lentil soup, with Tabor Hill demi-sec white wine. Great stuff! Although we still can’t get him to cook dinner in nothing but a speedo and a collar. Ah well, can’t have everything I guess. πŸ˜›

Between the good dinner, the wine, and the generally shitty day before that, I was in bed by 10:30. Guess I needed it.

I’m trying to think of something interesting to do, since it’s pretty quiet here today. Any suggestions?

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Apr 142004

It’s weird how so many things can be looking up at once, then all of them look right back down again, as if they were tied to each other in some way. Four different events just did a nosedive on me within the span of a couple days.
1. Jay was preapproved to get a new car, which would take me off the old one and show it as paid off, improving my credit.
2. Mollie was getting the jeep refinanced, which would have lowered the payment.
3. I interviewed for a job that would have paid a lot more money, doing mostly what I do now, that I was almost a shoe-in for.
4. It was suggested that we would all be getting “substantial raises” when annual review time came.

Well, let’s see how that all played out…
1. Jay was turned down on the car because of negative equity on the old one.
2. Mollie was turned down on refinancing for “titling purposes”, since she’s in Germany, even though the car is actually here.
3. I didn’t get the job.
4. Not only did we NOT get substantial raises (3%), but my shift premium was not rolled into my salary when I left the night shift as I was told it would be. Turns out that the managers involved simply never told HR about any of the people who changed shifts, so they’re correcting that particular oversight and I’m now going to be out $400 a month because of it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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Apr 142004

I didn’t get the job I interviewed for. Apparently I came in as a close second. Most of me is disappointed, but a small part of me was relieved. It would have involved a lot of things I’m not very good at: managing deadlines and multiple projects at different stages, dealing with difficult project managers, blah blah blah. roadster_guy thinks I would have done fine anyway, since I already juggle the same kinds of things in my current job, which is true. He has more faith in me than I do, which is a good thing. Love you babe. πŸ™‚ The contracting company said that they’d keep looking for me, since they and the employer were very impressed with my background. Maybe I should have offered to show them my foreground too… πŸ˜›

It’s freezing in here. One of the vents is blowing icy air right at me and there’s no way to turn it off. The thermostat seems to be only for display purposes, and the building management apparently thinks that the first day of spring is the perfect time to turn on the A/C.

After having the last three days off, it’s annoying to be back at work. Everyone seems to have a terminal case of The Stupids today: customers, coworkers, managers, etc. The only bright spot so far is that my department is no longer the phone bitch for the Intrusion Detection department, which accounted for about half our daily phone calls. It only took 2 years of bitching to get it changed…

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