Apr 142004

It’s weird how so many things can be looking up at once, then all of them look right back down again, as if they were tied to each other in some way. Four different events just did a nosedive on me within the span of a couple days.
1. Jay was preapproved to get a new car, which would take me off the old one and show it as paid off, improving my credit.
2. Mollie was getting the jeep refinanced, which would have lowered the payment.
3. I interviewed for a job that would have paid a lot more money, doing mostly what I do now, that I was almost a shoe-in for.
4. It was suggested that we would all be getting “substantial raises” when annual review time came.

Well, let’s see how that all played out…
1. Jay was turned down on the car because of negative equity on the old one.
2. Mollie was turned down on refinancing for “titling purposes”, since she’s in Germany, even though the car is actually here.
3. I didn’t get the job.
4. Not only did we NOT get substantial raises (3%), but my shift premium was not rolled into my salary when I left the night shift as I was told it would be. Turns out that the managers involved simply never told HR about any of the people who changed shifts, so they’re correcting that particular oversight and I’m now going to be out $400 a month because of it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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