Apr 202004

Somehow I’m getting all the calls from customers with obscure questions today. All of the usual suspects are calling in for one thing or another. I’m keeping a tight grip on my attitude, but it’s not easy. I keep reminding myself that it’s still a paycheck and I still need it, even though I’m losing part of it. When you get fucked over like this it’s really hard to give a shit anymore. I mean, why bother doing a good job when the company you work for obviously doesn’t give a shit about you? I shouldn’t complain too much since I have a job, and plenty of people don’t or have worse ones than mine, but this used to be a good place to work, and I liked being here; now I’m only here because I have to be, and that’s worse than if it had been shitty from the start. The only thing that makes it bearable are my coworkers, many of whom are friends now.

Yesterday was good. I called off because I slept like shit, and there was no way I could pull it together enough to make it in. I had a Sean-worthy weird dream which I’ll post separately. I determined not to spend my entire day off playing games, so made a list of stuff to do and got all of it done except buying Cyndi’s birthday gift and doing more job hunting. I never touched a game until after 8pm, by which time I was sweating and my mouse finger was twitching uncontrollably. I finished Lord of the Rings, and found myself thinking inTolkien prose the rest of the day. I had the urge to talk like that too, but controlled myself. 🙂

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