Apr 202004

I dreamed I was the god of cats, in human form, and I had snuck into the cavern lair of a dragon to steal or look at something in it’s treasure hoard (a red dragon, for you other D&D nerds). It was also a game to test my sneaking skills, because of the dragon’s superhuman senses and perfect memory of the placement of every single piece of its treasure. As I got close to whatever it was I was after, the vibration of my movement caused a single coin to slide a couple inches down the pile it was on and clink against another coin. There was a sudden roar nearby and I ran like hell. I started leaping from rock to rock at full speed, staying about three steps ahead of the dragon who for some reason didn’t blast me with fire.

I barely made it out, and the dragon didn’t pursue. Suddenly I was back in the same cave, minus the dragon. Instead, I’m standing about five feet from a pool in the cave. Standing around the pool are four people in robes, led by Suzanne Somers as their high priestess or something (I’d seen her on the cover of a book at Barnes & Noble that day). Suzanne knew I was there, but couldn’t see me, and was leading a ritual that would allow her to. As she spoke, her assistants all cut their arms with knives, and let their blood drip into the pool. It just kind of faded out from there.

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