Apr 262004

It seems every time I have a nice relaxing weekend, the following Monday just blows. We’re down 5 people including both supervisors, and a whole lot of stuff about to happen.

At least the weekend was good. Cyndi’s 40th birthday party went off great, the weather held until late Saturday, and didn’t rain until real early Sunday morning, before most of us were conscious. I was somewhat hung over Saturday and never really woke up completely until the next day.

Finished the Savage Worlds campaign over at Tom’s, now I have alternate Sundays free again. I told them I’m not joining the next game since I’ll be busy most weekends over the summer, but I’m considering the game after. I don’t know why, since every time I went I grumbled to myself that I wasn’t interested in tabletop gaming anymore. Curse the need to socialize! ;P

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