Apr 282004

roadster_guy and I are painting the new office on Saturday, pending my moving in in mid-May. I always hated painting, but he’s got all the fun toys that make it go a lot faster (painting, I mean): edgers, corner rollers, etc., so it should be quick and even fun. Now I have to decide on the important stuff, like network design. Wired or wireless? 80211.b or .g? Standalone firewall or ZoneAlarm? Checkpoint or Netscreen? If Checkpoint, Solaris or Windows? I have a Sun Ultra-5 that supposedly works, but never set it up to test it. I didn’t have enough power outlets or a Sun-compatible monitor. Hmm, still don’t have a Sun-compatible monitor, so I’d have to get an adapter. My student eval license for Checkpoint is probably only good for 2 hosts, so it may not be do-able with 3 or 4 PCs.

I’m leaning toward a wireless setup, which would require a new router and NICs for all three PCs. Looking over Linksys’s Wireless-G Broadband Router I may not even need a separate firewall, but I’d like to set up Checkpoint NG just for the hell of it, and I like the real-time logging options of it compared to ZoneAlarm or the built-in firewall function of a router. It also has a 4-port switch for wired connections, which will be necessary for future LAN parties, where most people have wired connections.

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