May 042004

Yesterday after getting one of’s regular update emails, I took another stab at trying to find Chris, one of my best friends when I was stationed in California and the first person I came out to (as bi, anyway). I’d never had any luck finding him using any people-search sites, and never felt comfortable with the idea of calling his parents to ask. So on a whim I put his name into Google (surely the 9th Wonder of the modern world, right after the internet itself) and lo and behold, there it was: a single website for the company he works at, with his picture and everything. I sent an email using four likely variations of his work email address and got a response back a couple hours later! He’s also eager to catch up and says he’ll be very busy for the next few weeks, but will call when he’s free. Even if he doesn’t, it’s nice to know he’s ok. Since I could never find him before, I was afraid something might have happened to him.

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