May 172004

A certain network admin, who shall remain nameless, never ceases to amaze us here at work with the vast and terrible depths of his ignorance regarding the workings of the network he’s supposedly in charge of. This guy, while pleasant enough to work with, is not only incapable of pronouncing the word “library” correctly, but is responsible for such priceless gems as:

“Won’t there be a problem if we have IPSO (the operating system) and Checkpoint (the firewall application) running on the same device?”

“After this change (to the firewall’s rulebase) will all the users have to reboot their PCs?”
Desired response: “No, but they will have to shake their PCs so the change settles on the hard drive evenly.”

“Does this NAT rule also allow access to the Internet?”

“Is there a service that’s just called IP? These two workstations just need to be able to see each other.”
Desired response: “Install webcams pointed at each workstation, so they can see each other.”

And the summary of all that has gone before and is yet to come: “I just don’t know what I’m doing.”

The only saving grace for us when dealing with him is that his problems are almost always simple. It’s just that he’s simpler than his problems.

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