Jun 032004

Because of all the moving and whatnot, I haven’t updated this thing in weeks. *EDIT: Ok, a week* Yes, I’m still alive, although this diet may kill me. Actually that’s not true; I’m glad to be on it. My eating was almost as out of control as Aaron’s has been and I needed a change. It was tough this morning though. My body was like, “Where da carbs at, bitch?! Where’s my granola and Zone Bar and can of OJ?!”

Oh, and I get to have surgery again tomorrow. Yay. Apparently the surgery done in December is not working right so it needs to be adjusted, and possibly more “ductwork” put in. If I get much more cybered up I’ll be doing bench presses with it. Hmm…intriguing…

I deliberately left the details vague, so those of you who know what I’m talking about get it, and those of you who don’t know don’t have to read the gory details. 😛
Anyway, I pushed to have it done as quickly as possible, since we’re going to Dore Alley in San Francisco in July, over my 35th birthday *shudder*. I want to be healthy and in good shape (see roadster_guy‘s entries on the new diet and exercise program) when I’m surrounded by leather men and wearing nothing but boots and a *mumble mumble*. 😀

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