Jun 082004

I’ve been dragging around like a zombie today. Yesterday I took up jogging again, which I haven’t done in years because of a heel spur, and surprised myself by making it twice around the lake at the condo, a distance of about 2 miles. I did a light workout before that, but not much. I need an actual weightlifting program other than just hitting the major upper muscle groups for 3 sets, but the equipment in the clubhouse weight room, what there is of it, is downright antique, and I don’t trust it very much. I could do free weights, but I’d rather not do that alone. No one would hear me gurgling back in that little room if I dropped a weight on my chest, neck, or head. Ideally I’d like to join Lifetime, so I could work out with Aaron, but I’m still not quite prepared to shell out $60/month, plus the $200 signup payment. I seem to recall my company might offer some discount or something regarding fitness, although maybe I’m just thinking of MichCon, which had a good program for that. At my company headquarters in Atlanta they have a well-stocked fitness center, and apparently an onsite masseuse, but being up here in the hinterlands of Michigan we don’t rate shit.

I’ve been going outside a lot more lately while at work. My smoking co-workers take quite a few breaks for their cancer sticks, so why should I be left out? There’s a small patch of woods with a paved path between our building and the next, and right outside the door it’s landscaped with a variety of trees with some flowers and a lot of ground ivy. In the mornings when you stand out there it feels just like you’re in deep woods: it’s quiet, with only birds and insects making noise, the sunlight is filtered through the trees, and everything smells green. What’s odd is that you lose the effect outside of a small area just outside the door, but in that area it feels almost like you’re somewhere else entirely. This morning I had this urge to roll down into the ivy under the oak tree at the edge of the woods and just stare up into the branches.

I’m guessing that some caffeine would curb these strange impulses. 😉

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