Jun 102004

Didn’t get home til 8pm today; had a followup doctor’s appt at 5:15 and when leaving work at 3:30 it doesn’t take that long to get from Southfield to Trenton. So I grabbed a Diet Snapple and a couple cheesesticks from the nearby 7-11 and sat in the Jeep in the doc’s parking lot playing Bejeweled on my Palm. I don’t know why I bother getting there on time since it’s always at least 45 minutes before they make me pee in a cup and stick me in a room. I guess the extra time is to make sure you can go on command.

Everything is working more or less normally, although the stress and overwork on my bladder has made it weak and lazy, which is an ironic parallel to me and my job. My bloodwork came back normal, and my testosterone level is right smack in the middle of normal, so I guess this is as manly as I’m gonna get without an intensive regimen of NASCAR, Budweiser, and several trips to Hooters.

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