Jun 142004

It must be the rainy weather, because even though I like watching it rain, I’ve been gloomy all morning and having all kinds of morbid thoughts about death and war and torture and man’s inhumanity to man. I was on the verge of firing up some Bauhaus to make my descent into angst complete when the sun came out and the caffeine from the Diet Coke hit my system. Now, instead of being hopelessly morose about the state of the world, I’m merely cheerfully pessimistic.

It was a really productive weekend: Aaron and I did a lot of work getting the condo in order. He put up all the blinds and reorganized the kitchen counters and cupboards, I cleaned out the office, reorganized the linen/towel closet, wired up the entertainment center in the living room, and did all my laundry. Jamie came over last night and got the back patio garden weeded and trimmed between bouts of rain before Aaron made dinner. There’s still a lot to do, mostly in the basement, but that’s a full day project all by itself.

Of interest to my fellow nerds, I also picked up a new cable router since my generic CompUSA brand started flaking out and dropping our net connection at random. I got a D-Link DI-604 and it has really improved our connection. Pages load noticeably faster and it has a built-in SPI firewall with a customizable rulebase that seems more flexible than ZoneAlarm. We could conceivably remove ZA from our PCs, but I’d rather have the second layer of protection. Today after work I need to hardcode our internal IPs by MAC address so my port forwarding doesn’t get screwed up if we turn on the computers in the wrong order. /geekspeak off

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