Jun 212004

Ok, I’m tired of seeing all these great photo ops while driving or walking around, and never having anything to take a picture with. I don’t know that I want to replace my phone with a camera phone, but carrying a camera 24/7 just wouldn’t happen. I already feel like I lug around more gadgets than Batman. My current camera, that roadster_guy handed down to me when he got his new one, is okay enough but it’s too big and too slow to shoot. Most everyone I know has the Canon Powershot (Sureshot? EZShot? EZBake? I don’t remember…Ok, found it. It’s the Powershot S400) and loves it, so I suppose that’s an option. The other day Aaron showed me a really small digicam with no viewscreen that, if I remember right, is small enough to hook to a keyring.

Just tried finding it, but no luck. roadster_guy, do you remember where you saw it?

Anyway, it was a busy weekend: Jamie95‘s dance recital Saturday afternoon, which was…long. Some of the dances were pretty cool, and they were all short, but the whole show ran on for 3 hours. I could hardly feel my butt by the time it was over. The little kids especially were really cute wobbling around on stage. Jamie was really good, wish his performance had gone on a bit longer. Jamie, I think you missed your calling. 😉

Right after that we drove up to Caro, to Rick and Sarah’s Midsummer party weekend. They have an acre of mostly wooded land, and a bunch of people had camped out there only a short walk from the fully stocked bar in the garage. We had a great time, totally blew the diet, I got a bit buzzed, and we basically laughed ourselves sick.

Then it was down to Port Huron to Aaron’s parents’ beach house. We got there about 1:30am, after a brief stop so Aaron could pick up a speeding ticket. That is the first time I’ve ever seen a cop down that road, which is in the middle of Nowhere, Michigan. Luckily he only wrote it up for 5 over the limit (instead of the actual 20), so it could have been worse. The next morning Aaron made Father’s Day breakfast, then the three of us did a bit of shopping in Port Huron.

Finally got home about 4:30(?) yesterday, then had company over for a few hours, grilled some pork chops, played some City of Heroes (made level 19 with Wire, woohoo!) then bed.

EDIT: Aaron sent me the link to the key ring camera. Seems pretty cool, even though it’s only 1.3 megapixels and 64MB of memory. http://www.doyourthing.philips.com/tt_camera_key_rings_features.cfml

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