Jun 212004

Last night I dreamed that my mom accidentally killed one of the Olsen twins.

I didn’t know the details at first, I just knew that one of them was dead, but couldn’t find any information on it. I was searching the web but not finding anything current, then realized I had their first names wrong. I found a reference to Ashley dying in some horrible accident, and Mary-Kate was totally distraught. The scene changed and I was standing with my mom near a semi-trailer-sized dumpster, which was full of garbage, next to a building. Mom was pretty upset and explained what happened:

“She was going to fall off the building so she aimed for the dumpster. She went in and I heard her say, ‘I’m ok, I made it!’. I turned around just for a second, and when I turned back I’d lost her and she drowned!”

I remember shaking my head and thinking, “Why did it have to be my mother, of all people…?” Although technically she didn’t *kill* her, she just didn’t save her from dying. I wonder if could go back into the dream and give her a medal.

There’s an irony here: an Olsen twin drowing in garbage. The disappointing thing is, there was room in that dumpster for the both of them.

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