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Today is my last day at ISS, and I just got done writing up my goodbye email. It took me quite awhile to get started since I had no idea what to say, but once I got going it started to flow. For posterity’s sake I pasted it below, just to remind me.


For those of you who may not have heard, I have decided to leave ISS. The PC expression would be “to pursue other opportunities”, but really I just got a new job. 🙂
It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since I wandered into Deployment and wondered what Derrick had gotten me into. I’m not very good at saying goodbye, but definitely want to thank some people before I go.

Derrick Karteczka, for convincing me to give this a shot and putting in a good word for me. (not to mention sharing his referral bonus)

John Wheeler and Dan Ackerman, for taking a chance on a guy who could barely pronounce TCP/IP. (it must have been the interview suit)

Bridget Weidenfeller, for making sure I was awake on time. (five hours early, but who’s counting?)

The entire Deployment team, for all the help they gave to a total newbie, and for encouraging me to drink myself stupid in Chicago. Strange that the Chicago team never wanted a rematch…

Ron Fricke, for all the lunchtime world conquests.

Everyone in the SOC (Implementation and Threat Analysis) most of all, for teaching me almost everything I know about network security, for putting up with my endless questions and brain-farts, and for letting me share in your bitter (but witty!) cynicism. You’ve all been more family than coworkers, and I’m going to miss working with you.

And to anyone I missed or is no longer here.

Before this gets too mushy I’ll wrap it up here. I’ll still be online and staying in touch, and here’s my contact info if anyone wants to say hi:

Take care and so long,

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