Aug 312004

Aaron “got talked into” (riiight) buying a 20GB iPod on Sunday, so now I’m having tech-envy. He put his entire music collection (6GB) on it, and has only filled 1/3rd of it. I set up my former web server as a music server and mapped drive letters to it on both our PCs, but the iPod makes it kind of redundant for him. Now my geekhood is threatened and I have to get one as soon as I can. Maybe a Bluetooth wireless headset for my phone will soothe my wounded soul and make me feel better about myself…

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Aug 302004

I had my first on-call weekend at the new job and it was definitely a trial by fire. We had the Leos party on Saturday night, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Saw a lot of people we hadn’t seen in a long time, and it was good to catch up. I kept my drinking to a minimum, although the raspberry martinis went down way too easily. _kosh_ outdid himself making hors d’oeuvres and canapes, and finally had to be forced to stop cooking. Everyone loved his nibbly-bits. hehe…
No one threw up, broke anything, or hit anyone, and there was minimal drama, so that makes it a smashing success in my book.
Oh, and everyone wanted to know what I was wearing under my kilt, so my stock answer was, “If you’re man enough to look, I’m man enough to let you.” Everyone was man enough, even if it took a couple drinks first.

Right about 2am, as most people were leaving, my pager went off. Thinking it’s just another false alarm like the few other pages I’d gotten were, I went upstairs to check it out. One of the plant firewalls was completely down. It would get part way through boot-up, encounter serious hard drive errors, then reboot. Over and over. I couldn’t break the boot cycle, and ended up calling my team lead. We worked on it til 4am, then I finally went to bed, only to be back up at 6:30 for a scheduled firewall change. Right after that my team lead asked me to go out to the plant to help a coworker install replacement firewalls. Didn’t go home until 2:30pm, then took a 2 hour nap. I could have slept longer, but didn’t want to be up all night. Best way to look at it is I got probably the worst on-call weekend out of the way immediately, so future ones probably won’t be like this. Knock on wood…

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Aug 272004

It’s slow at work, I’m bored, and I’m half-asleep even after 32 ounces of Brazilian coc…er, diet Coke. Time to take the personality test that has been making the rounds.

Let’s see…
You are a XPYT–Expressive Practical Physical Taker. This makes you a Player.

You are clever, sexy and sexually oriented. You know what you want and how to get it. You command attention in a room of strangers, as your charisma, your personality and your spending habits are all oriented toward making an impression on your target sex. You pay attention to details.

You reel people in easily, but have a harder time keeping them around since you are just as demanding in a long term relationship as you are on a night out. Combine your demanding nature with the fact that you’re hard to keep up with and easily bored, and you get a recipe for problems with fidelity.

In a conflict, you’re brutal — you know how to unleash one cutting remark that turns a normal fight into a brawl or a breakup. Your general attitude is you just don’t have time for fighting — if you feel like your current partner doesn’t understand you, you know you can find another one.

You may see yourself in a parent and dislike his/her choices, so you want to avoid them for yourself. You feel confined by social pressures, both to pair up and stay paired. It will (and should) take you years to settle (and for you, it may really feel like you’re settling).

Please use a condom.

Of the 12227 people who have taken this quiz, 5.6 % are this type.


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Aug 262004

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t seem to interact with people, and it’s a struggle to even make the effort? Someone will speak to me (usually a coworker or my ex) and I’ll answer only because a response is expected, like the dialogue is scripted but I can barely remember my next line. So I stammer out some near-gibberish, and afterwards I think, “What the hell did I just say?” 😀

The other day I was buying my sister an mp3 player at Best Buy, and the sales boy asked if I wanted the 2-year replacement warranty. Not wanting to hear his canned speech, I said it was going to Germany, hoping that would be the end of it. So he started his spiel about how it could be replaced anywhere by calling this number, blah blah blah, my eyes glazed over, and for a split second he didn’t even seem to be there; as if he’d sprouted purple antennae and started speaking Swahili, and in disgust my brain just refused to acknowledge he existed. It was bizarre but also kind of funny, and I did get the extended warranty after all, because my sister has a 2-year old in the house. 🙂

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Aug 262004

Could not get to sleep last night; I just wasn’t very tired. I only went to bed because it was after 11 and I needed to. After laying awake until almost 1am I finally got up and bowed to Lord Xanax. That finally got me to sleep but not a good one. Every time Aaron moved I woke up, and it was too hot and, since we’d been talking about spiders before dinner, I dreamed about this spider whose abdomen was bigger than a softball and was colored like a yellowjacket. It was racing toward us and I stomped on it, severing the front of it’s body from it’s abdomen, but the front part took off and we spent most of the dream chasing it. It finally got back to the rest of it’s body, turned around and backed up into it, then reattached itself and took off again. I kept getting opportunities to squash it, but I always hesitated for some reason. Maybe I just didn’t want a pint of spider goo all over my shoes.

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Aug 242004

I feel this indefinable longing for something, akin to homesickness, but don’t know what it is. There’s someplace I want to be, or some state of being I want to exist in, like an eternal summer vacation of youth, without beginning or end. A hazy timelessness; a warm golden stillness filled with the buzz of frogs and insects; a cool river, the mossy banks of a forest waterfall; a paragraph without mangled punctuation… 😉

Yet here I sit in a field of cubes, reading tech manuals:
“Third-party proxy-cache servers must support transparency and WCCP 2.0 to be included in a service group…”

I’m not sure what triggered this little mood, but maybe some more diet Coke will chase it away.

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Aug 242004

roadster_guy already gave a glowing review of the Sarah McLachlan concert, so I’ll just add that it was fantastic. She has one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever heard. I’ve always just been a moderate fan of her music, but to see her live was amazing. The opening act, Butterfly Boucher (her real name), was pretty good too. Her vocals weren’t terribly impressive live, but the music was great and she was pretty funny when she talked to the crowd, especially when she complained that her Australian accent kept slipping into a British one. The place was packed once Sarah got onstage; I’ve never seen so many lesbians, gay boys, and whipped straight boys in one place before.

I wore my UtiliKilt and my “Got Kilt?” t-shirt to the show, and the constant attention was really surprising. Being a Leo, I shamelessly ate it up. Not a single negative comment either; not that I heard, anyway. Most of them ran along the lines of “oh wow, check it out”. I even got to hand out one of the UK business cards after the show. 🙂

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Aug 232004

This weekend felt really long, which is a rare and wonderful thing. 🙂 Saturday we woke up relatively early. Well, Aaron did so he could go wash the Z. I went back to sleep and a whole series of bizarre dreams. After we ate we headed out to the Woodward Dream Cruise and stopped at the Alcoa party. Aaron had been invited to it by one of his contacts there, so we hung out there for about 4 hours and had free food and drinks, walked around the displays for awhile, then sat and watched the cars (and guys) go by.

Neither of us thought to take the camera, unfortunately: there were great photo-ops of cars, displays, and various weird fanatics who took the opportunity of having 1.5 million people going by to push their various religious and political agendas on anyone within earshot or viewing distance. A group of überChristians had a whole street corner in Birmingham to themselves, handing out tracts and using a *bullhorn* to exhort people to repent, et al. It was encouraging to see that everyone was steering well clear and ignoring them with great determination. What is it about fundamentalist christians that compels them to try and force their crap down everyone’s throat? No other religious group in this country makes such a public spectacle of themselves. I have never seen Jews, or Muslims (even after 6 years in Dearborn!), or Buddhists, or any other major religious sect out on a street or in a public space recruiting for converts. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, we finally left Alcoa and started some serious crusing down Woodward. Traffic south wasn’t too bad, but northbound it was at a near standstill. We headed down to 8 Mile, decided we didn’t want to sit all day trying to go north, and went over to Telegraph up to Pontiac. Quite a difference in the makeup of the crowd up there; I never saw such a concentration of NASCAR merchandise in one place before. I’ll leave it at that. ;P

Yesterday we checked out the annual Art on the Lake festival down at the condo’s lake. Spent about a half hour walking around, but there wasn’t much that appealed to us. Aaron did find some stuff that would be great for his parents’ beach house, since there’s a serious lack of wall decoration up there, including a large sailboat picture made entirely out of pieces of paper. Very cool. The rest of the day was spent wading through the backlog of laundry and goofing off on the computer. I spent about 15 minutes slapping together a really basic crappy home page to go on my new domain: Maybe at some point I’ll feel the urge to actually make it interesting-looking. I also finally went running again, heel spur be damned, and did a 2.7 mile route. The heel’s no worse today than it was before I went running, which is a good sign. I’ve decided I’m just going to make sure I stretch it out well, then ignore the hell out of it.

Tonight’s the Sarah McLachlan concert, which should be good. These tickets have been sitting in my desk drawer since February, and we almost forgot what day it was on.

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Aug 192004

Being broke is depressing. I start having all kinds of morbid thoughts about everything, and just kind of drag around listlessly. Once ISS had stopped the shift premium for working nights (which I was *promised* I would continue to get), I hadn’t even been making it from payday to payday without Aaron’s help. I should get my second check from Ajilon tomorrow, and now that I’m getting paid more and weekly that should help a lot. Plus, I don’t have any major expenses coming up (birthdays, social events, etc.). It’s weird how vulnerable and powerless I feel when I’m po’. It sucks; I feel like I should be dressed in black and moping around the City Club with a glass of angst and soda in my hand.

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Aug 192004

Much like several people in my circle of bloggers, I haven’t written anything in here in awhile. A lot has been happening, but the urge to write about it just hasn’t been there. Oh well, it goes in cycles, like everything else. I guess that because there’s so much I could write about, the thought of sitting here and catching up on everything is overwhelming, so I just don’t bother. Plus I’ve become nearly paranoid about surfing at work, which sucks.

Aaron and I are still debating where in Europe we want to move to next year, and are still planning on taking German lessons at OCC in the fall, but now the possibility of going to London (suburb of London, technically) has surfaced. It still most likely wouldn’t happen until next year, but it would be very cool and I already speak the language. Mostly. Granted, Germany or Amsterdam would be more exotic, but there’s that whole language thing. Although our friend Keith’s boyfriend managed to get by in Germany without speaking much of the language; had a job and everything.

Other than the two days a week we work out with the trainer, we’ve pretty much stopped exercising, and are barely keeping our eating under control, which is discouraging. I’ve developed a heel spur, which stops me from running if I want to be able to walk afterward. I’ll have to suck it up and use the elliptical or the bike in the clubhouse, which is boring as hell. Running around the lake gives me some scenery, and a finish line to shoot for. Stationary cardio in front of a mirror gives me nothing to look at but myself, and I’m not nearly narcissistic enough to enjoy that for long. The alternative is putting the weight back on, and that’s not acceptable. We haven’t even been practicing our kickboxing on off days. There’s always some reason we don’t get to it. Pretty lame.

Well, the boss has rolled in, so time to look busy.

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