Aug 232004

This weekend felt really long, which is a rare and wonderful thing. 🙂 Saturday we woke up relatively early. Well, Aaron did so he could go wash the Z. I went back to sleep and a whole series of bizarre dreams. After we ate we headed out to the Woodward Dream Cruise and stopped at the Alcoa party. Aaron had been invited to it by one of his contacts there, so we hung out there for about 4 hours and had free food and drinks, walked around the displays for awhile, then sat and watched the cars (and guys) go by.

Neither of us thought to take the camera, unfortunately: there were great photo-ops of cars, displays, and various weird fanatics who took the opportunity of having 1.5 million people going by to push their various religious and political agendas on anyone within earshot or viewing distance. A group of überChristians had a whole street corner in Birmingham to themselves, handing out tracts and using a *bullhorn* to exhort people to repent, et al. It was encouraging to see that everyone was steering well clear and ignoring them with great determination. What is it about fundamentalist christians that compels them to try and force their crap down everyone’s throat? No other religious group in this country makes such a public spectacle of themselves. I have never seen Jews, or Muslims (even after 6 years in Dearborn!), or Buddhists, or any other major religious sect out on a street or in a public space recruiting for converts. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, we finally left Alcoa and started some serious crusing down Woodward. Traffic south wasn’t too bad, but northbound it was at a near standstill. We headed down to 8 Mile, decided we didn’t want to sit all day trying to go north, and went over to Telegraph up to Pontiac. Quite a difference in the makeup of the crowd up there; I never saw such a concentration of NASCAR merchandise in one place before. I’ll leave it at that. ;P

Yesterday we checked out the annual Art on the Lake festival down at the condo’s lake. Spent about a half hour walking around, but there wasn’t much that appealed to us. Aaron did find some stuff that would be great for his parents’ beach house, since there’s a serious lack of wall decoration up there, including a large sailboat picture made entirely out of pieces of paper. Very cool. The rest of the day was spent wading through the backlog of laundry and goofing off on the computer. I spent about 15 minutes slapping together a really basic crappy home page to go on my new domain: Maybe at some point I’ll feel the urge to actually make it interesting-looking. I also finally went running again, heel spur be damned, and did a 2.7 mile route. The heel’s no worse today than it was before I went running, which is a good sign. I’ve decided I’m just going to make sure I stretch it out well, then ignore the hell out of it.

Tonight’s the Sarah McLachlan concert, which should be good. These tickets have been sitting in my desk drawer since February, and we almost forgot what day it was on.

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