Aug 242004

roadster_guy already gave a glowing review of the Sarah McLachlan concert, so I’ll just add that it was fantastic. She has one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever heard. I’ve always just been a moderate fan of her music, but to see her live was amazing. The opening act, Butterfly Boucher (her real name), was pretty good too. Her vocals weren’t terribly impressive live, but the music was great and she was pretty funny when she talked to the crowd, especially when she complained that her Australian accent kept slipping into a British one. The place was packed once Sarah got onstage; I’ve never seen so many lesbians, gay boys, and whipped straight boys in one place before.

I wore my UtiliKilt and my “Got Kilt?” t-shirt to the show, and the constant attention was really surprising. Being a Leo, I shamelessly ate it up. Not a single negative comment either; not that I heard, anyway. Most of them ran along the lines of “oh wow, check it out”. I even got to hand out one of the UK business cards after the show. 🙂

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