Aug 262004

Could not get to sleep last night; I just wasn’t very tired. I only went to bed because it was after 11 and I needed to. After laying awake until almost 1am I finally got up and bowed to Lord Xanax. That finally got me to sleep but not a good one. Every time Aaron moved I woke up, and it was too hot and, since we’d been talking about spiders before dinner, I dreamed about this spider whose abdomen was bigger than a softball and was colored like a yellowjacket. It was racing toward us and I stomped on it, severing the front of it’s body from it’s abdomen, but the front part took off and we spent most of the dream chasing it. It finally got back to the rest of it’s body, turned around and backed up into it, then reattached itself and took off again. I kept getting opportunities to squash it, but I always hesitated for some reason. Maybe I just didn’t want a pint of spider goo all over my shoes.

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