Sep 082004

Started Beginning German 1 tonight; was pretty cool. It was awkward for everyone being in a room full of strangers and having the teacher make everyone stand up, shake hands, and say hello in German. We got used to it after awhile cuz he had us go through a lot of verbal exercises with the people sitting next to us and around the room. We went through basic greetings, the alphabet, and numbers. I also sit next to the cutest kid in class, who’s also named Ryan. How convenient. It was strange being back in school after 10 years; last time I sat in class (at Henry Ford) was 1994. Man, I’m old, but I’m not the oldest in class so I can live with it.

Tomorrow I’ll start labeling everything in the house with it’s German name on sticky notes. Hope Aaron doesn’t mind walking around with “liebchen” on his forehead…

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Sep 082004

Coming soon to a window near you: “Caffeine Run”!

SEE the lowly IT tech stumble towards the bliss of caffienation!

HEAR the sigh of pleasure as the stimulant races through his brain!

FEAR the crash as the blessed drug wears off and leaves the IT tech grouchy and head-achy!

(credit to _kosh_)

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