Sep 162004

Lately I’ve been having a series of dreams involving being in or near large buildings with big empty rooms.

The first was a type of hospital. Each room was light beige with the indirect lighting around the perimeter installed near the ceiling. The walls were glazed brick, with tile floors. They were all mostly empty and very quiet, and I kept wandering from room to room looking for something. There was no great sense of urgency, but it was eerie in that there was nothing really happening in a place you would expect to be busy. There was one room with a group of people in it, presumably patients, but they were all sitting quietly against the wall. I only saw one staff member, and no medical equipment anywhere, yet I knew I was in a hospital.

The second was about two abandoned houses, sitting across from each other. Both of them were supposedly haunted, and an unknown boy and I went to each one in turn to look in the windows and debate which one was really haunted. Nothing happened at either one but we could definitely sense something creepy at one of them.
From there the dream dissolved into something unrelated, in which I was trying to organize the world’s last pack of werewolves to fight the last group of vampires, who were performing some ritual to cover the world in eternal darkness to protect themselves from the sun. If the vampires won, the world would become a hell. If the werewolves won, then everything and everyone would die, but new life would have a chance to evolve again. The werewolves won, and at the last moment I said “what the fuck, why not?”, threw myself into the ritual circle with the werewolves, and died along with them. Pyrrhic victory, anyone?

The one from the other night involved more large spaces and wandering around. This time I was on a Naval air base, in one of the giant hangars that usually house four different squadrons side by side. This one was a giant square, and all the hangar spaces were arranged around the edge. Again, I was wandering from space to space looking for something, but instead of being empty each space was filled with aircraft, stacks of equipment, and sailors milling around. No one took any notice of me and I never figured out what I was looking for. Again, there was no great urgency to it, but I was definitely hunting for something. In all of these dreams, which happened on three different nights, I was dressed entirely in black.

I could keep an psychoanalyst employed for years…

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