Sep 302004

Not much to write about lately since the LAN party. This week has gone by really fast; can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Been busy all week, mostly after work. Class on Monday, studying for our first test on Tuesday; class and test last night; plus running before class.

I think I did ok on the test, but there’s definitely things I screwed up. Couldn’t remember the verb “to dwell” (wohnen) for one thing, but luckily we had some extra credit dictation that should make up for it. Funny thing is, I’m having no problems translating German to English, it’s taking an English sentence and making a German one out of it that trips me up, whether I’m writing it down or trying to say something.

Bought Sims 2 the other day but haven’t had much time to play it or anything else. So far I’ve gotten my two gay boys engaged, but have discovered I’m no better at virtual home decorating than I am at the real thing. Hmph.

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