Oct 292004

The fever pitch of my political anxiety has passed. I’m tired of thinking about it, tired of hearing about it, and tired of talking about it. Whatever happens, happens; other than my lone vote, it’s outside my influence and always was. If the majority of the people of this country truly want this dangerous moron returned to office, then they deserve everything they get and we’re getting the fuck out. As I read somewhere on Truthout.org: “The first time was an aberration. A second time would be a validation”.

On a lighter note, roadster_guy and I are going to Erebus, a 4-floor haunted house in Pontiac, tonight with a couple friends. Apparently it’s very professionally done, on the level of something Universal Studios might do, and they’ve put a lot of money into it. Definitely not a couple of semi trailers hooked together full of high school kids in masks.

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Oct 272004

agent00groovey sent me this link to the new Eminem video, Mosh. I’ve never been a big Eminem fan, but this is really impressive and pretty powerful. I’m surprised it took this long for anti-war songs to start hitting the air.


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Oct 262004

For the first time in it’s 80 years of existence, New Yorker Magazine has endorsed a Presidential candidate: John Kerry. The editorial is pretty long, but definitely worth a read if you have the time and inclination. They rip Bush apart on nearly every issue in clear, fact-based terms and admit that, while certainly not perfect, Kerry is far preferable to another four years of Shrub.

Link Here

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Oct 262004

roadster_guy and I went to see Team America on Friday night. It wasn’t a total disappointment, but it wasn’t nearly as funny as I’d been hearing from reviews and friends who have seen it. There were parts that were really funny, but a lot of the humor felt forced and shrill, as if they were trying too hard to be funny, and there was WAY too much vulgarity just for vulgarity’s sake. I love vulgar humor if it’s funny, but they poured it on as if the sheer volume of bad words was supposed to be funny in itself. Plus, even though the faces of the puppets were really well animated and technically they did a great job acting it out, marionettes are creepy, and watching an entire movie done with them is slightly disturbing.

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Oct 222004

This one might be a bit stream-of-consciousness; I’m trying to put a bunch of vague, formless feelings into words and having a helluva time with it. I’ve already rewritten it four times.

I was making the rounds of my usual news sites (morons.org, truthout.org, cnn.com, guardian.co.uk) and, after reading roadster_guy‘s journal, started thinking back over my own sense of impending doom about the near future and the state of the country. I came across two different opinion pieces that said that the upcoming election is the most important election of our time. I never thought about it that way before, but it really hit home.

It seems as if two different forces have rapidly polarized and arrayed themselves against each other over the course of this election year. Not so much “good vs. evil”, which is too simplistic a description, but more like fundamentalist neoconservatism (represented by Bush Co., christian extremists, and their ilk) versus a belatedly energized “revenge of the moderate liberals” movement. Both of these forces are rushing toward what I think of as a historical pivot point.

The concept of a pivot point is that there are certain moments and events that, once passed, radically alter the course of history for years to come and usually all hinge on a single event: an assassination, a bombing, an election, etc. I really feel like we’re headed toward a big one right now, and the hinge point is November 2nd.

A list of indicators:
– America is more divided now than it has been since the Vietnam War. This election has people more sharply divided between candidates than I’ve ever seen.
– Voter registration scandals are occurring all over the country, with registrations torn up and discarded, or voters turned away over contrived technicalities. So far, all of these reported events have been anti-Democrat.
– Several states around the country have proposed amendments to their constitutions banning gay marriage. Michigan’s Proposal 04-2 seems to be the most extreme, preventing recognition of ANY partnership that isn’t legal marriage between one man and one woman. VOTE NO ON 2!
– Campaign rhetoric and negative ads about candidates have dramatically increased. Sinclair Broadcasting was going to force all of it’s affiliate stations to air an anti-Kerry documentary, in violation of election laws, until the enormous public outcry made them back off.
– The next President will probably appoint several Supreme Court justices, setting the ideological direction of the court for decades.
– According to all the polls (for what they’re worth) the race is so close it’s balanced on a razor’s edge: impossible to call until the actual election, IF that election is fair and untainted, and it’s already not looking too hopeful that THAT will happen.

The invisible armies of ideology have coalesced, and are pulling out all the stops to ensure victory for their side come November 2. We’re standing at the figurative fork in the road, and both paths lead to very different places. One of them is very scary to contemplate, the other holds out hope that things can get better, and maybe reason and good sense can start to push the pendulum in the other direction.

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Oct 192004

n. pl. ei·do·lons or ei·do·la (-l)

1. A phantom; an apparition.
2. An image of an ideal.

[Greek eidlon, from eidos, form. See weid- in Indo-European Roots.]

Ever run across a word that you’ve never heard before in your life, then suddenly you start encountering it everywhere? I had never heard the word eidolon until I saw it as the name of a type of bad guy in the game City of Heroes (Murk Eidolon, Mire Eidolon, etc.). Frankly I thought the word was made up solely for the game until I ran across it a month or so later in a totally unrelated source. Then last night I watched Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars, and what was the name of the peacemaking race that both sides were trying to rescue/destroy? The Eidolon.

Very weird.

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Oct 152004

I went outside and watched the rain come down from a leaden sky, dragging red and gold leaves fluttering from their branches, as the chill soaked through my shirt and my breath steamed in the air.

Where the hell did the summer go? I was just talking to _kosh_ about how summer seemed to come and go in a heartbeat this year. It didn’t get really warm until late into the season, and now it’s over already. I like the fall, I just wish summer had lasted a little longer. The lack of sunlight is already making me want to burrow into the bed and not come out until spring. I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night, and could have kept sleeping if not for the alarm clock.

Gawd, it’s only 10 AM. I have a staff lunch with people from my contracting company from 11:30 to 1 PM, so that will kill part of the day, but it’s still going sloooowww.

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Oct 132004

One of my coworkers just showed me a link to a new emulator, Cherry OS, that allows you to install the Mac OS X on a Windows-based PC and run it as a virtual machine. This lets you use all the hardware on your PC and run all Mac apps, even drag and drop files from the Mac to the PC and vice versa. The maker claims the Mac session runs at about 80% of your CPU’s speed, the other 20% being used by the emulator software.

Something like this would allow those of us (like me) who want to try the Mac, but can’t afford the hardware, a chance to check it out. The emulator costs $50 and a copy of OS X goes for about $110 on Pricegrabber, so for about $160 you can have an Apple G4 running on your PC. If you’re at all interested get it now, before Apple’s lawyers swoop down and have their way with it. Unfortunately as of right now, the store section of the website is down, due to overload. I’ll keep trying…

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