Oct 052004

A coworker and I spent the morning in the Outer Drive data center so the tech from NetApp could configure our new web proxy servers. In the process of hunting down a rolling cart for him to put his laptop on, I went by the two cabinets housing the high voltage transformers for the UPSs (backup power supplies, for the non-nerdy). One of them was buzzing like a hundred bug zappers, and as I walked near it I got this strange sensation, like sinus pressure, throughout my whole head. I shrugged it off and got the cart.
A little while later I went back just to see if it was my imagination. I stood near the housing, which was only slightly smaller than a VW Beetle, and walked around it a bit. Same sensation, only stronger. After about 30 seconds things suddenly got a little swimmy and I had to shake my head a few times to clear it. I decided I better get away from that thing before I scrambled my synapses.
As of this writing, no super powers have spontaneously developed, but the day is still young.

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