Oct 112004

We caught up on our movies this weekend, seeing Sky Captain on Saturday and Shaun of the Dead on Sunday. I also spent far too much time playing City of Heroes, but it was fun and I gained 3 levels between my two main characters, plus a level each for two of my low-level alts.

Sky Captain was visually very cool, with a ’30s Art Deco style, very reminiscent of how people of that time imagined the future to look like. Unfortunately, the plot was full of holes and the story was painted in such broad strokes that a lot of bare canvas was still showing through. Because the entire film except for the actors and handheld props was CGI, the director applied a soft focus effect to the whole thing to make it blend more smoothly, which was annoying at times.

Shaun of the Dead was much better. It was really funny, a bit gory, and a bit sad. My mom saw it with us and, although she’s no fan of British humor, loved it. There were a few places where I wish there had been subtitles, because the accents and slang got a bit thick and we couldn’t quite tell what they were saying, but it didn’t detract from the movie at all.

We also went out to Franklin cider mill to get 5 gallons of cider for the hard cider that roadster_guy is making in time for Halloween. The first batch never fermented and we’re not sure whether it was dead yeast or if the cider he got the first time might have been chemically pasteurized. He put the new yeast in last night and, as of this morning, hadn’t started bubbling yet, but it normally takes about 24 hours before you see it. It was yellowjacket central at the cider mill, and we got chased away from the first two places we were standing to eat our donuts and cider. It was probably one of the last nice weekends before fall gets serious, so we took the Z and put the top down.

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