Oct 132004

One of my coworkers just showed me a link to a new emulator, Cherry OS, that allows you to install the Mac OS X on a Windows-based PC and run it as a virtual machine. This lets you use all the hardware on your PC and run all Mac apps, even drag and drop files from the Mac to the PC and vice versa. The maker claims the Mac session runs at about 80% of your CPU’s speed, the other 20% being used by the emulator software.

Something like this would allow those of us (like me) who want to try the Mac, but can’t afford the hardware, a chance to check it out. The emulator costs $50 and a copy of OS X goes for about $110 on Pricegrabber, so for about $160 you can have an Apple G4 running on your PC. If you’re at all interested get it now, before Apple’s lawyers swoop down and have their way with it. Unfortunately as of right now, the store section of the website is down, due to overload. I’ll keep trying…

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