Oct 192004

n. pl. ei·do·lons or ei·do·la (-l)

1. A phantom; an apparition.
2. An image of an ideal.

[Greek eidlon, from eidos, form. See weid- in Indo-European Roots.]

Ever run across a word that you’ve never heard before in your life, then suddenly you start encountering it everywhere? I had never heard the word eidolon until I saw it as the name of a type of bad guy in the game City of Heroes (Murk Eidolon, Mire Eidolon, etc.). Frankly I thought the word was made up solely for the game until I ran across it a month or so later in a totally unrelated source. Then last night I watched Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars, and what was the name of the peacemaking race that both sides were trying to rescue/destroy? The Eidolon.

Very weird.

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