Oct 292004

The fever pitch of my political anxiety has passed. I’m tired of thinking about it, tired of hearing about it, and tired of talking about it. Whatever happens, happens; other than my lone vote, it’s outside my influence and always was. If the majority of the people of this country truly want this dangerous moron returned to office, then they deserve everything they get and we’re getting the fuck out. As I read somewhere on Truthout.org: “The first time was an aberration. A second time would be a validation”.

On a lighter note, roadster_guy and I are going to Erebus, a 4-floor haunted house in Pontiac, tonight with a couple friends. Apparently it’s very professionally done, on the level of something Universal Studios might do, and they’ve put a lot of money into it. Definitely not a couple of semi trailers hooked together full of high school kids in masks.

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