Nov 032004

Just read on CNN that Kerry has conceded. Unless some bizarre twist occurs in the uncounted ballots in Ohio, it’s over. Welcome to another four years of rule-by-Dipshit. I’m still kind of numb by the whole thing, but deep down I knew things would turn out this way. I had hoped otherwise, and continued hoping right up til 5 minutes ago, but I knew. I just didn’t want to admit that half my countrymen are so blind and stupid and gullible that they truly believed this man was good for us when all the evidence points to the opposite. But then, when has evidence ever been required for people to believe in something? Religion is proof of that, and most of Dipshit’s backing was from the fundamentally religious. You do the math.

What burned me the most was the picture of Dipshit’s smug, arrogant smirk on the cover of

roadster_guy and I are going into State of Emergency mode, and making some drastic plans to get us out as soon as possible. Cutting unnecessary spending, planning on a definite destination, setting a budget and building up a moving fund, looking over job markets, etc. For others who are planning to flee, we’re hoping to put out information that may be helpful on a website. More info on that once we have some content to post.

In the meantime, there’s this:
It’s not quite current, but still appropriate.

Oh, and I would personally like to thank 90% of America’s 18-25 segment for not voting yesterday. Please remember to call in for American Idol and other TV programs which are obviously more important than a presidential election.

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