Nov 152004

Thanks to the might of the UAW, I had Friday off for “Veteran’s Day”, which was actually opening day of deer hunting season. I didn’t get paid for it of course, being a contractor, but I can live with it. The only drawback was that I started my on-call rotation that day. Take the good with the bad I guess. Fortunately my pager was utterly silent the entire weekend except for 4 a.m. Saturday morning, when it went off due to scheduled upgrades that one of my coworkers was working on. It took me a good 30 minutes of poking at the firewalls in question before my bleary mind finally remembered that this was going on. I expected him to start work on it later than 4 in the morning. So, that taken care of, I went back to bed. Now I have to hope that the pager stays this quiet for the rest of the week, since I’m starting four nights of classes until December 15th.

Friday night roadster_guy and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack across from Great Lakes Crossing for dinner. We were going to see the movie Kinsey, but decided that without separate cars it might be a bad idea if the pager did go off. In retrospect we could have journeyed to Mount Doom and back and not had to worry about it. I was supposed to go with Mom to see the Incredibles (again for me, first time for her) on Friday, but she had forgotten and made other plans. Oh well.
Saturday night Aaron and I and our friend Eric spent the evening with his friends Brian & Sheila at Leda & Nick’s place in Royal Oak. We ordered pizza, watched Finding Nemo, played a card game, and drank a bit. We don’t often do those kind of quiet social nights with more than one or two other friends and it was a nice change. Internally I was a bit resistant to it at first, which told me how reclusive I’d become. I’m glad we went though.

I also gorged myself on City of Heroes. If you compare playing the game to eating candy, then this weekend was like Halloween. By Sunday evening I was so sick of it I could hardly stand to be logged on, but I didn’t want to ditch my friends in mid-mission so held out until they were done. By that point I was paying more attention to Back to the Future 2 anyway, and was just looking back occasionally to see who needed buffs and healing. I’ll hardly have any time in the evenings during the week to play anything for awhile, so I crammed this weekend.

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