Nov 172004

The first night of class went pretty well; it was actually very interesting so far. I almost got there late but the class was so full our start time was delayed a bit due to last-minute registrations. Due to state regulations, and the possibility of a state monitor being in class, we can’t get out early so it’s 6-9:30pm both nights. It was kind of strange to be learning the beginnings of a totally new career that doesn’t involve computers.

The only inconvenience to these classes is the dates they’re given. Appraisal 2 won’t be given in Southfield until May, and in Livonia in February. The Livonia office is at 6 Mile and 275, so that will be quite a hike. The 15-hour USPAP course is given over two days and only from 9am to 4:30pm, so I’ll have to take those days off from work. At least the classes can be taken in any order, so I can knock out both of the last two in February. I even have a line on a possible appraisal job once classes are done, so things appear to be lining up nicely. My contract on my current job runs until August so any appraisal work would be on the side until then, then I’ll see if I can afford to make the big switch.

So tired this morning. I didn’t get to sleep until almost 3am the night before, so last night I took half a Xanax as insurance and went to bed a little earlier than usual. I’m not moving too quick yet this morning, and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. Luckily things at work are pretty quiet so far, since I’m going to try and get as much German homework done as I can here instead of racing to get it done before class tonight. Luckily the appraisal class has no homework to speak of.

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