Nov 222004

Saturday was the LAN party up in Caro at the Tuscola Archery Club, which was up on a hill, off a dirt road, and back in the woods. It was a much bigger setup than I expected, and I think we maxed out at about 25 people and their gear in two long rows on opposite sides of the room, which made it easy to set up teams. We ended up playing Call of Duty, which was the most fun of all four games we played, UT2k4, Battlefield Vietnam, and the Quake 3 mod Urban Terror, which kind of sucked unless you were on the good maps, then it was a blast. I was sorry I didn’t have a camera with me to get a few pics, but wasn’t expecting such a turnout. There were a few pics taken by the organizer, maybe he’ll post them on the message board.

Sunday was totally lazy. Neither roadster_guy nor I did anything of consequence all day except go to dinner at Assaggi in Ferndale with jamie95, then to SoHo for a drink afterward. Most of the day I did nothing but play Call of Duty’s single player game. I never get tired of WWII shooters for some reason, even though I have yet to finish Thief 3 or Doom 3.

Assaggi has some of the best food I’ve had anywhere, and I *highly* recommend trying it out. It’s expensive, but definitely worth it. I had pan-fried scallops in a balsamic sauce with butternut squash risotto, and a bowl of tomato basil cream soup with a chunk of fried polente in it. We barely managed to resist dessert, but ate too much hot pita bread before dinner to allow that. SoHo was pretty nice, even though it was dead in there, being a Sunday night. It’s laid out like Pronto, but has a lot more room. We each had a martini, watched Airplane! for awhile, and ogled Mike the bartender.

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