Nov 242004

Slow day. No work to do. Two hours to go. No message board activity. No LJ activity. Can’t read comic books at work. Boss won’t leave. Can’t ftp to my web host to post any pics.

*heavy sigh*

I suppose I could pull the fire alarm, just to watch what happens, but there’s that whole unemployment/legal action thing to consider.
I could send a disturbing IM to the guy who dumped me after dating for two months then pretend I meant to send it to someone else, but that might lead to an actual conversation and I don’t have the stomach for it. There’s nothing I really want to say to him except “Hey, did you know you’re an asshole? Just thought I’d remind you. You know, in case you forgot or something.”

*drums fingers on desk and checks the news*

Nothing’s exploding, no terrible storms, no new atrocities being committed (whew). There’s just nothing going on today.

roadster_guy just sent me a text message from the airport that an acquaintance of ours was poisoned at the Necto in Ann Arbor and spent the better part of August in the hospital with kidney failure. They don’t know what it was exactly because it was hormone based and left almost no trace. Only that when he got to the hospital he had elevated glucose levels and total kidney and liver failure. Now because of the scarring he can’t drink alcohol ever again.

That’s just fucking lovely. The world is full of wonderful people, isn’t it? roadster_guy got lucky when all that got put in his drink at Q was some GHB.


On a lighter note, roadster_guy gave me my [insert winter holiday of choice] present already. He has no patience when it comes to giving or getting gifts. I got a cellular headset from Jawbone. This thing is frickin’ amazing. I called Aaron from the basement with my face right next to the dryer as it was running and all he could hear was my voice. I called my sister in Germany while driving to work this morning and other than my voice, she said it was totally silent.

60 minutes to go…and counting….

I still have German homework and class tonight before I’m free for most of four days. Aaron is headed to Dallas for T-Day with his family, and Mom and I are doing dinner on Friday since she works Thursday and the weekend. We’re going non-traditional this year and having roast. I’ll have to scour Food and get some recipes. I have a couple invites for dinner on Thursday; one in Bay City and one with Jamie95. Because of the impending snowstorm north of Flint I’ll probably skip Bay City. I’ll decide for sure when I’m faced with an empty fridge. Other than that, there’ll be a whole lot of gaming going on. City of Heroes, Call of Duty, I might even finish Thief 3.

Meme of the Day:

Your LJ Prison by redfrog021
Favorite Deadly Sin
You are convicted of Stalking the Hobbitses
And sentenced to 15 years
Warden chucknoblet
Abusive redneck guard odysseyseven
Easy to bribe guard agent00groovey
Cellmate neviragin
Wants to make you their bitch yukio20
Drops soap in the shower on purpose evanrudemi
Works in the laundry and smells people’s undies jermicideclean
Comes to see you for ‘conjugal visits’ kheldar633
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