Nov 292004

I got a spook this morning as I was leaving for work. There was a thin layer of frost on all the car windows, and as I looked at the windshield the shadow of someone’s head appeared on the frost and moved from left to right as if they were coming toward the car down the walk. This was strange because I had just come down that walk and no one had come out of their condo behind me, and I didn’t hear any doors. I hit the washers to clear the frost, while the shadow was still on the glass, and in two swipes of the wipers the windshield was clear. No one was there.

I locked the doors and looked all around through the windshield but didn’t see or hear anyone. Between the car and our place are two lights: one is on a 6′ post on the edge of the walk and the other is our porch light. The only way that shadow could have been cast was by someone being between the post light and the car, and since the shadow was still on the glass when I cleared it, that someone should still have been on the walk in front of me. I pulled out carefully, since the side windows were still frosted and if there was a person near the car I didn’t want to hit them. I got to the turn that leads to 75 and realized I forgot my ADD med and had to go back for it. I got the pills, came back out, and as I passed the post light I watched the shadow of my head fall on the car windshield exactly as I’d seen it from inside the car five minutes before. Make of that what you will.

The four days previous to this morning were a lot less strange. Mom had to work Thursday, so jamie95 invited me to go with him to his dad’s for Thanksgiving. There were seven of us: me, Jamie, his mom & dad, his sister and her fiancee, and his dad’s friend Beryl. The food was really good and I had a nice time. Friday I spent with Mom, who decided that since I’d already had Thanksgiving dinner and everything was open, that she’d rather go to a movie and eat out, which was fine by me. I was ready to cook: had my recipes printed and was borrowing a roasting pan from Jamie, but I was sorta relieved that I didn’t have to. We went and saw The Incredibles, which she hadn’t seen and I wanted to see again, then ate at Logan’s Roadhouse. The food was good but I wasn’t particularly hungry, so by the time I was done I was painfully stuffed.

I spent most of Saturday playing City of Heroes, then mrimp invited me (sort of, hehehe) to go with him and his friend Leda for pizza and to the New Dodge bar in Hamtramck to see Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers, who are awesome! mrimp‘s friend’s boyfriend is the singer for Ducksicle, who was the first opening band of four: Lazy Sunday (female trio, whose singer is beautiful and sounds a lot like Jewel), Sugarspell (whose singer is the drummer for Sista Otis), and Letterbox (whose frontman looks just like Alton Brown, with more hair). I was amazed at the number of lesbians in the bar, who must have been there for Sista Otis and Lazy Sunday. Before we left I should have looked to see if they’d built an addition to the bar between sets…

Sunday I spent cleaning up the place and reading some of _kosh_‘s comic books, while waiting for roadster_guy to get home. I missed him a lot while he was gone and was anxious for him to get back. It was strange sleeping in that bed alone for three nights (although I did get to sprawl, which was nice).

On a more esoteric note, Friday night after getting back from Mom’s I meditated, which is something I hadn’t done in about two years. I went through the whole routine, too: lit candles and an incense stick, cast a circle, called the quarters, you name it. I’d been feeling really…I dunno…”mystickal” in the previous week or so for some reason. Because of that I’d been rereading a lot of stuff from Mage and thinking about hidden realities and whatnot, and finally had the urge to do something about it. While meditating I mostly thought about Overton Square, in Memphis.

When I was in Naval Avionics school in 1987-88 after boot camp, I used to go into Memphis almost every free weekend, and I spent whole days in Overton just walking around. I used to get a strange feeling in that place, as if the world were “thin” there, and I kept being drawn back trying to find the center of that feeling. I had it narrowed down to the SW corner of the intersection, about two buildings west and behind a strip of shops, in a small grassy area. There was an empty shop space back there, and below it some kind of herb & tea store that I went into once but there was nothing in it that interested me at the time. I think that empty room was the focal point but it was locked and I couldn’t get in. I can still picture it clearly: it had white walls, french doors, a hardwood floor, and floor length gauzy white curtains. The late afternoon sun came through the windows, filling the room with golden haze and, even though there was a busy street on the other side of the building, that little area felt quiet and timeless. I was in Memphis for ten months, and even though that area was already starting to develop quickly, no one ever rented out that space while I was there. I’d love to go back and see what it’s like now, and if that feeling is still there.

The next day and for the rest of the weekend I felt totally grounded and mundane, and had zero interest in anything spiritual, until the shadow incident this morning.

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