Dec 082004

I’ve started playing a bit of Dark Age of Camelot again, something I never expected I’d want to do. I was missing the excitement of fighting other players, laying siege to keeps, and sniping from the trees. The one-dimensional gameplay in City of Heroes gets stale after awhile. One mission is pretty much like any other mission, only the setting changes, or the number of items/hostages to retrieve. Aaron burned out many weeks ago and, although I miss playing it with him, I totally understand. The game desperately needs the skill system and City of Villains to add some variety. Even the new content going in doesn’t change the actual gameplay, it just adds new archetypes to do the same old fighting with. If I didn’t have such good friends in Rough Trade I wouldn’t be playing as much.

I’ve avoided making any big announcement to my old guild, Conradh na Gaeilge, that I’m playing again since I’m still not sure if I’m really interested in playing more regularly or if it’s just a passing urge. Honestly, they probably wouldn’t care either way. I was never totally a part of the “in crowd” in that guild. Even though I was a founding member, an officer, and plenty of people liked me, I always felt like a bit of an outsider. Partly because I was the only openly gay member, and partly because I spent too much time playing alts because rangers were gimped for a long time. Besides, a lot of the people I played with have either moved on or are about to. Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, and soon Guild Wars, are claiming lots of them. I would do really well to join the core of Rough Trade that left for WoW, but I’m just not interested in getting totally immersed in a new game when I already have high-level characters in DaoC. I don’t want to do the level grind again, I hate it. I just want to fight other players. Unfortunately I need to do some item grinding before I can fight in the frontier and not die every 30 seconds.

I got in a group of rangers Monday afternoon before class, trying to get the Fool’s Bow, but it didn’t drop before I had to leave, and we all died anyway. According to what I’ve been reading and some replies to a post I made, there are only a few artifacts I really need to have: Fool’s Bow, Shades of Mist cloak, Golden Scarab Vest, and Mariasha’s Sharkskin Gloves. But first I have to find or buy them, find or buy the scrolls to activate them, level them to unlock their powers, yadda yadda yadda. Geez, all I wanna do is plunk some effete Avalonian wizard full of arrows! Before he nukes me into oblivion of course.

I would just buy the damn things, but Alariel is poor. I spent so much money on building up my crafting skills (now mostly useless) and getting my armor and weapons crafted & enchanted, that when I quit the game a year ago I only had about 425 gold to my name. Buying artifacts and activation scrolls costs tens of platinum, and at 1000 gold to 1 platinum, I’m screwed. I could farm the Coruscating Mines or Darkness Falls for items to salvage, trinket, and sell but again, it’s a huge time sink. Maybe I’ll just play in RvR when I feel like it, and not even bother trying to get all that stuff. I can still do some damage even without all the über gear.

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