Jan 312005

Friday I had to go back to the dentist to have them replace the temporary aluminum crown. It was digging into my gum and the nerve and causing a constant toothache. I was downing 3-4 800mg Motrin a day and there was just no way to tolerate that until February 9th. Besides, I was running out of Motrin. The new one was much better, and the pain had pretty much stopped by the time I got home, but flared up again after dinner that night. mrimp came over to visit and have dinner, but it was so bad that I was in bed at 9:15pm. Luckily it’s been better each day after that, and I’ve only taken one Motrin so far today. Heh, maybe it will be perfect right about the time I get the permanent crown, and I can start all over again!

Saturday afternoon and evening we had Mom over to celebrate her 60th birthday early, since she’ll be in Germany with my sister for the actual event. We took her to Assaggi in Ferndale, which rocks. I had Georges Banks scallops with butternut squash risotto, roadster_guy had veal scallopini, and Mom had the filet mignon. We took our stuffed selves home and threw a log on the fire while Mom opened her Senseo. Afterwards we had a Midnight Delight ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery.

Sunday was spent listlessly in front of the computer burning myself out on City of Heroes and keeping one eye on The Omen and Resident Evil on TV. On the plus side, _kosh_ got our new CoH guild forums running. The old one got trashed by a worm early last week so, rather than waiting for the owner of the old board to get it working (still broke today), we set up a brand new one at www.rough-trade.org. Hopefully we can get a copy of the old database to merge into the new board so we don’t lose almost a year’s worth of posts.

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Jan 272005

My mom told me today that my sister is pregnant again. I told my mom that this time, due to universal symmetry, it will probably be a boy. I was the older one who terrorized my sister, so this time the girl will get to terrorize the boy.

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Jan 262005

I dreamed that some billionaire had financed and organized a probe to take a slice off the top of Nereid, one of Neptune’s moons, and bring it back for study. I was on loan from ISS to help study it in the lab and was so caught up in the joy of discovery I refused to go back to work. The segment of Nereid was like the entire moon’s surface in microcosm, with terrain features similar to Titan, but bluish-white in color. The soil was blue with white mineral deposits that looked like snow, and mountains that looked like stacks of sugar cubes. Black liquid ran in winding river deltas around the base of the cliffs. The guy in charge of the whole thing was great to work for and kept everyone involved in everything that went on, which was another reason I didn’t want to go back to ISS. I woke up before I found out if I had to go back or if there was any life on the moon.

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Jan 252005
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Jan 232005

I just got back from Czopek funeral home in Wyandotte to see my friend Chris. He was killed in a car wreck on 75 at Sibley on Thursday night. Don’t really know any details about what happened; not even his mother and father knew yet. It was surreal. It looked like him, yet it didn’t. I hadn’t talked to him in quite awhile, but Jim had just seen him before Christmas where he was working at Suncoast Video in Fairlane mall. It was a total shock when Jay called me to tell me on Friday. There was no way Jay could make it to the viewing today, and the funeral tomorrow is family only, but he wanted very badly to be there. No one has been able to reach Tom Kennedy in Arizona either, to tell him the news.

There were a lot of souvenirs in and around the coffin, which was even more upsetting than the body because each one was really symbolic of him and I instantly recognized the connection. Someone had stuck a two-liter of Pepsi and a bag of Doritos next to him, which he was never without. He, Tom, and Jim would come over to me and Jay’s place in Dearborn to play D&D; five of us crammed around the table in our tiny kitchen, which was usually scorching in the summer, windows wide open and two fans blowing. Chris always had the Pepsi and Doritos. His floppy hat was there too, which he always had on outside of work. He had a high-pitched giggle, and got his inside and outside voice mixed up a lot, and when he listened to music he usually directed it like an epileptic orchestra conductor. He was in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and swore he was going to marry her one day, Freddy Prinze Jr. be damned. He’d give his friends the shirt off his back without even having to be asked, and I wish we hadn’t drifted apart. Kim and Tara from Warner Bros. store were at the funeral home, and Tara gave me a picture cropped from the group shot taken when the bunch of us went to Cedar Point after the WB store closed. We had a lot of fun that day, and I hadn’t thought about it in a long time.

Goodbye Chris…

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Jan 202005

We’re still terrorizing Iraq
Iran is next
Bush thinks the election ratified the policy in Iraq
The U.S. media serves the Republicans
“Decency” groups and FCC fines are turning the country even more prudish and uptight

Will no one rid us of these people? How did they get so powerful? Will we ever collectively snap out of it?

I’m seriously of the opinion that the answer to the last question is “no”, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. I keep thinking of the book The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, in which the U.S. has become the Republic of Gilead: a theocracy as oppressive as the Taliban but enforced by Christian fundamentalists rather than Islamic. We’re not there yet, and it’s a ways off, but we sure seem to be moving in that direction. Unfortunately the opposing force is building very slowly and it could take decades to reverse these trends, by which time it could be too late. Already this administration tries to “discourage” mainstream media reports that are critical of it. How long before that discouragement becomes official and compulsory? I can picture my friend Jim, who is a hardcore Bushie, laughing at me and saying, “That can’t happen here.”

It can happen anywhere, and it’s happening here, slowly but surely. No one is stopping it. No one is stepping forward to say “no more.” It makes me want to stop reading the news entirely; to bury my head in the sand, ignore the fact that there’s an outside world, and immerse myself in my favorite virtual ones.

But I won’t. I may not know what to do to help stop the national infection, but I can’t close my eyes to it and pretend it’s not happening, which is why I keep writing these occasional types of entries and links to the stories that fuel them. Even if it doesn’t impact anyone but me, it keeps me aware, and in the future it will be a reminder.

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Jan 192005

roadster_guy‘s parents just sent us a very sizeable check to help pay for our wedding! We were both totally floored as it was completely unexpected. His mom has avoided the subject like the plague, so it was a real shock to see her name signed on the check.

Since a mere Thank You card doesn’t even come close to cutting it, it’s time to dig out the Zingerman’s catalog I just got and send a gift basket of goodies.

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Jan 182005

The trip to DC this weekend for MAL was a lot of fun. Met a lot of great people, got to hang out with odysseyseven again, and saw a few of the sites in DC. It was way too cold and windy to see many of them, but we did a tour of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, and walked out on the Mall to see the Capitol and the Washington monument. I haven’t been to DC since I was about 6 years old, so effectively I’ve never been there. We got to meet and have lunch with John, who plays Sunspot of the New Mutants in City of Heroes, at a really good bistro near Dupont Circle called Tomate. We definitely want to go back and see more of the sites when it’s warmer.

roadster_guy and I roomed at the Residence Inn with odysseyseven and his friend Jake, who’s a lot of fun. He’s a mouthy New Yorker, and he plays that up, but it’s always funny and he’s a really nice guy to boot.

Most of the weekend nights were spent at the host hotel lobby, where everyone hung out before and after the actual events, which we didn’t bother to get tickets for. It’s really just a butch leather drag show, and we were more interested in seeing the vendors, meeting people, and just generally hanging out. Oh, and a little debauchery of course.

roadster_guy and I got buzzcuts from Jake, who cut hair for just about everyone at the event, it seems. He does a really good job with nothing but electric clippers. Aaron has never had a haircut as short as this in his life, but it looks really good on him.

We got back on an early standby flight Monday afternoon, tired and poorer, but happy. I’ll post some pictures later. Can’t wait for the next event! Pity we can’t go to IML this year.

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Jan 122005

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