Jan 052005

Another sun-filled trip to Aruba has come and gone in an eyeblink, just like I knew it would the day we got there. This trip was a lot more low-key. We did almost everything we wanted to do last year so most of this trip was spent laying around by the pool reading, and being treated to dinner by roadster_guy‘s parents almost every night. This was all well and good until about Wednesday, when we started getting restless. Extended periods of inertness just aren’t our thing so we were fighting boredom. Of course if you have to be bored, Aruba’s a great place to be bored in.

We did a little bit of snorkeling at Baby Beach, which is at the southeast end of the island. It’s mostly used by the locals and there are almost never any tourists there. Hopefully the underwater pics turned out well, but we still have to get them developed. Other than some shopping and daily trips to the internet cafe that was about it. I did climb Mt. Hooiberg, the highest point on the island. All 561 steps of it. If I climbed that once a day, I’d have an ass like granite in about 2 weeks. I also spent time nursing a second-degree sunburn on my ankle. Not totally sure how that happened but I suspect that walking in the surf of the beach for about a half hour washed the sunscreen off, and the shallow water acted a bit like a magnifying glass. It looked like raw meat and I was limping around for a few days, but lots of aloe and Neosporin helped.

For next Christmas we may try to talk Aaron’s parents into letting us schedule one of the condo slots for somewhere different. Aruba’s great, but we like exploring new places. Maybe we can get somewhere in southern Europe…

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