Jan 082005

roadster_guy and I finally got motivated to clean up our WMD (Woefully Major Dishevelment) at the condo; the office feels strangely large now that we can see the entire floor…

Then I had an urge to buy an external USB hub to hook to the back of the computer and put up front, because the built in port on my media drive keeps losing it’s connection. Micro Center also had 120GB Western Digital hard drives on sale for $40 after $60 in rebates so, nerd that I am, I had to buy one. I already had one scare where I thought my current drive croaked so it was time for a backup.

After that we went to Royal Oak to look at commitment rings at Metals in Time. They had the ones we wanted but not the stone color, although they can order them and have them in about two weeks. They’ll also knock about $100 off for ordering two. After a quick trip to the homosexual supply store (Chosen Books) we stopped to look at the loft model in Skyloft’s office. Very nice! Still wouldn’t pay that much for a condo in Royal Oak though.

Then we finally got to Barnes & Noble to see/flirt with thafuzz, who is totally adorable. 🙂 He was busy so not much flirting took place, sadly.

Rented a couple movies: Dodgeball, and Donnie Darko. Dodgeball is a lot funnier than I’d heard it was, and Donnie Darko is brilliant. Twisted and fucked up, but brilliant. I swear that the writer and/or director has played the roleplaying game Mage, because Donnie was definitely one, by the game definition.

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