Jan 182005

The trip to DC this weekend for MAL was a lot of fun. Met a lot of great people, got to hang out with odysseyseven again, and saw a few of the sites in DC. It was way too cold and windy to see many of them, but we did a tour of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, and walked out on the Mall to see the Capitol and the Washington monument. I haven’t been to DC since I was about 6 years old, so effectively I’ve never been there. We got to meet and have lunch with John, who plays Sunspot of the New Mutants in City of Heroes, at a really good bistro near Dupont Circle called Tomate. We definitely want to go back and see more of the sites when it’s warmer.

roadster_guy and I roomed at the Residence Inn with odysseyseven and his friend Jake, who’s a lot of fun. He’s a mouthy New Yorker, and he plays that up, but it’s always funny and he’s a really nice guy to boot.

Most of the weekend nights were spent at the host hotel lobby, where everyone hung out before and after the actual events, which we didn’t bother to get tickets for. It’s really just a butch leather drag show, and we were more interested in seeing the vendors, meeting people, and just generally hanging out. Oh, and a little debauchery of course.

roadster_guy and I got buzzcuts from Jake, who cut hair for just about everyone at the event, it seems. He does a really good job with nothing but electric clippers. Aaron has never had a haircut as short as this in his life, but it looks really good on him.

We got back on an early standby flight Monday afternoon, tired and poorer, but happy. I’ll post some pictures later. Can’t wait for the next event! Pity we can’t go to IML this year.

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