Jan 262005

I dreamed that some billionaire had financed and organized a probe to take a slice off the top of Nereid, one of Neptune’s moons, and bring it back for study. I was on loan from ISS to help study it in the lab and was so caught up in the joy of discovery I refused to go back to work. The segment of Nereid was like the entire moon’s surface in microcosm, with terrain features similar to Titan, but bluish-white in color. The soil was blue with white mineral deposits that looked like snow, and mountains that looked like stacks of sugar cubes. Black liquid ran in winding river deltas around the base of the cliffs. The guy in charge of the whole thing was great to work for and kept everyone involved in everything that went on, which was another reason I didn’t want to go back to ISS. I woke up before I found out if I had to go back or if there was any life on the moon.

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