Jan 312005

Friday I had to go back to the dentist to have them replace the temporary aluminum crown. It was digging into my gum and the nerve and causing a constant toothache. I was downing 3-4 800mg Motrin a day and there was just no way to tolerate that until February 9th. Besides, I was running out of Motrin. The new one was much better, and the pain had pretty much stopped by the time I got home, but flared up again after dinner that night. mrimp came over to visit and have dinner, but it was so bad that I was in bed at 9:15pm. Luckily it’s been better each day after that, and I’ve only taken one Motrin so far today. Heh, maybe it will be perfect right about the time I get the permanent crown, and I can start all over again!

Saturday afternoon and evening we had Mom over to celebrate her 60th birthday early, since she’ll be in Germany with my sister for the actual event. We took her to Assaggi in Ferndale, which rocks. I had Georges Banks scallops with butternut squash risotto, roadster_guy had veal scallopini, and Mom had the filet mignon. We took our stuffed selves home and threw a log on the fire while Mom opened her Senseo. Afterwards we had a Midnight Delight ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery.

Sunday was spent listlessly in front of the computer burning myself out on City of Heroes and keeping one eye on The Omen and Resident Evil on TV. On the plus side, _kosh_ got our new CoH guild forums running. The old one got trashed by a worm early last week so, rather than waiting for the owner of the old board to get it working (still broke today), we set up a brand new one at www.rough-trade.org. Hopefully we can get a copy of the old database to merge into the new board so we don’t lose almost a year’s worth of posts.

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