Feb 022005

I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about with Starbuck’s Chantico on the way home from work. It’s everything it’s fans have said it is. Like evanrudemi, I also burned the hell out of my mouth, because it doesn’t seem terribly hot at the tip of your tongue but as soon as it rolls back in your mouth: SCORCH!

I don’t think I could drink more than one of these a week, partly because I don’t want to spend THAT much time in the gym to work it off, but mostly because I think it will take that long for my pancreas to start working again.

I also went to the gym for the first time in two weeks last night, and I’m gonna pay for it tomorrow. I’m not terribly sore right now, just stiff, but it’ll hit me later. I was looking at some of the pics taken of me at MAL, and realized I’ve almost completely lost whatever chest I built when Aaron and I were seeing a trainer. So, back to the weights. Three teenage guys came into the weightroom at the clubhouse partway through my workout, so of course I had to do a harder workout to show them up. I didn’t need to bother; what they were doing could only loosely be called working out. They did just enough to be able to SAY they worked out, then took off. Probably for another smoke, judging by the smell clinging to them (it’s a small room).

I mailed my Jawbone off at the UPS store to get my replacement. Not having a headset is bugging me. I hate holding a phone up to my ear for any length of time. I’d like to call my sister in Germany on the way to work in the morning, because that’s about the only time I can catch her, but I refuse to be one of those drivers who thinks it’s more important to have their phone glued between their hand and their head than to pay attention to their driving so they don’t, oh, say, cause a crash or kill someone? I’d love to invent a Teleslapper, so when you see one of these dipshits weaving in their lane, or in the fast lane going about 10mph slower than everyone around them, you can press a button and slap the phone right out of their hand. Button #2 would deliver a slap upside their head, just on general principles.

The Winter King event in City of Heroes is over finally. I didn’t jump on the powerleveling bandwagon like so many others did, I just wanted the badges for my main character. I sure could have leveled like a madman if I’d gotten more involved in it, but I didn’t want to end up with no contacts to get missions from because I passed them up too fast. Plus I’ve been doing more real life stuff after work the last couple days, and only gaming a little in the evening. Haven’t touched Dark Age since last week, but I keep eyeing World of Warcraft then firmly telling myself “No!”. I’m such an incurable geek…

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