Feb 142005

We were pretty much non-stop all weekend, and none of it involved me playing video games for hours. After my delayed breakdown on Friday over Chris’s death, my gaming addiction seems to have subsided. When something is really bothering me I tend to escape into virtual worlds as often as possible where life is much simpler, I have power over the world around me, and no one ever dies for more than a few seconds. Playing for entertainment and socializing is fine, but I was viewing everything in real life as an intrusion, and rushing through any obligations I had to get back in the game even after it wasn’t even really entertaining me anymore. Dealing with my grief did the trick, since I didn’t play all weekend except for about two hours on Sunday evening, and I didn’t miss it at all.

Friday night roadster_guy, mrimp, thafuzz, and I went to dinner at Agave downtown. It’s a cool place, and the food was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. They make a decent Mojito, but they need a bit more sugar in it. Cafe Habana still makes the best one I’ve had so far. We thought about going out to a bar afterward, but since Steve is still a bit sickly we all just hung out at our place for awhile, then called it a night.

Saturday we drove up to Port Huron to Aaron’s parents’ beach house and drove down the Pathfinder so his mom has a vehicle to drive while she’s up here for about a month. That night we went over to Windsor to see my friend Darren and his fiancee Amy. They showed us their new house and we had dinner at Blue Danube, which is one of only two Hungarian restaurants that we know of, now that Hungarian Kitchen has closed. Blue Danube was pretty good, but their chicken paprikas just didn’t compare to the Kitchen’s. Darren and Amy have been helping us get info on getting married in Canada, since they’re getting married in October. Apparently a marriage license in Ontario only costs $100, there’s no blood test requirement, and we have the number of a pastor who will perform a non-religious ceremony.
On the way back from Windsor we stopped at Gold Coast, where ldifazzio was celebrating his birthday. mrimp was there, but we’d just missed thafuzz. Also our friends Kevin and Mark & Buster. Most of them had been there since about 9:30, so by the time we got there at nearly 1 a.m. most of them were ready to go. Gold Coast has certainly improved since the last time I was there a couple years ago. They’ve remodeled the interior and there’s a much younger and larger crowd than there used to be. All of the dancers were really hot and I usually ignore them, having spent too much time at Gigi’s where all the dancers were toothpick twinks in desperate need of a steak dinner.

Sunday Aaron, Eric, and I met our friend Jeff down in Detroit, gave Eric a tour of Jeff’s very cool 100-year-old townhouse, then to Cafe de Troit to meet with the caterer to plan food for the reception. She had catered Jeff’s 40th birthday party and we were very impressed. Then Eric took us over to the Park Shelton to see the condo he wants to buy. They’ve done a great job renovating the place and even Aaron had that look in his eye that said, “I could so live in one of these”. If it wasn’t, you know, in Detroit.

Afterwards Aaron went shopping and made a bunch of food to freeze for his mom so she doesn’t have to eat out all the time while she’s in town, and I cleaned the bathrooms before playing CoH for a couple hours. This morning I had to be up at 5 a.m. for a conference call, but luckily that means I get to leave at 1:45. I kept waking up, anticipating the alarm, and at one point I dreamed the rep at my contract house called to tell me they were requesting to remove me from the firewall group because I had sent an email to someone at Chrysler, calling some proposal he’d made “rubbish”. So they were going to stick me in some group for “general administration, social chat” and a couple other trivial things. The actual call was mostly boring, especially since I had no idea what this project was about, I’d just been asked at the last minute to get on the call. I dropped out after an hour and a half and got ready to come into work when it was clear my part was done.

After work I have to go register for my next real estate appraisal class, which starts tomorrow night. It’s gonna suck that it’s at 275 & 6 Mile, but at least it’s only 2 nights a week for a month. After that dream I’m more committed to getting out of the IT field ASAP.

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