Feb 162005

Can’t believe how quiet everyone’s been today; not many posts from anyone on my list. I’ve been bored out of my mind at work today so there’s really nothing to post about except some silly memes. mrimp is coming by after work to help de-porn the house before roadster_guy‘s parents get into town tomorrow. It’s not like there’s much, but sometimes when you leave something out for a long time, you stop noticing it. So we need a fresh pair of eyes, just to make sure. I want to go to the gym after work, but I’m so drained I don’t know where I’m going to get the energy. I just want to nap. I’m sure I’ll perk up a little once I actually get out of here in 10 minutes, maybe I’ll down a quick cup of coffee when I get home.

I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth. Five years in the Navy, twelve years since the Navy, and I never became a coffee drinker. Get a Senseo machine and look what happens. I still don’t drink it often, and never more than one very small cup a day, but it’s made me a coffee snob already.

I also need to run a little laundry before the weekend before it gets out of hand. We’re going to be gone most of the weekend and I don’t want to be doing it on Sunday evening. Gotta make sure my kilt and Guinness t-shirt are clean for drinking in the hotel pub.

Well, that killed the last 10 minutes of work. Time to come back to life and vacate this place.

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