Feb 232005

This past weekend was the annual trek to the Doherty Hotel in Clare, MI. A couple of our friends in Bay City have their birthdays in the same week, so every year we put on our kilts, get drunk on Guinness and homebrew in the pub, and act like silly teenagers. This year was no exception, if a little more low-key than previous years. Once again we wondered if a certain married member of that crew would finally act on his “curiosity” (he didn’t), if a different one would finally get punched out for being an ass (he didn’t), and if Cyndi could make us laugh hysterically, as usual (she did). We always have a good time with Cyndi & Kurt & Co. and are looking forward to Cyndi’s Annual 25th Birthday weekend at Camp Fishtales in April.

I had to do some work from the hotel room Sunday morning, but luckily it went smoothly and only took about an hour. After that was done we packed up and braved the winter storm for the trip back. It was a bit tense, but luckily the worst of it didn’t hit until after we’d made it home.

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Feb 232005

Prime Minister Martin, you fuckin’ RAWK!

Some highlights:

– “The Charter was enshrined to ensure that the rights of minorities are not subjected, are never subjected, to the will of the majority. The rights of Canadians who belong to a minority group must always be protected by virtue of their status as citizens, regardless of their numbers. These rights must never be left vulnerable to the impulses of the majority.”

– (on Vermont-style civil unions) “For instance, the British Columbia Court of Appeal stated that, and I quote: “Marriage is the only road to true equality for same-sex couples. Any other form of recognition of same-sex relationships…falls short of true equality.” Put simply, we must always remember that “separate but equal” is not equal.”

– “For a prime minister to use the powers of his office to explicitly deny rather than affirm a right enshrined under the Charter would serve as a signal to all minorities that no longer can they look to the nation’s leader and to the nation’s Constitution for protection, for security, for the guarantee of their freedoms. We would risk becoming a country in which the defence of rights is weighed, calculated and debated based on electoral or other considerations.”

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