Mar 032005

Last night was roadster_guy‘s mother’s surprise birthday dinner at the Palm restaurant. She didn’t have a clue it was coming, but it took a lot of effort to get her there. When Aaron suggested dinner at the Palm her initial reaction was, “You can’t go to the Palm on Wednesday, you’ve got class that night! You’ve already missed some classes, you can’t miss anymore!” That required a lie that there was no class that night because of mid-winter break. Then she didn’t want to go to the Palm because she never got her birthday certificate for her free lobster, so that required another lie that Aaron’s dad was mailing it to Aaron, who created a fake one on the computer and printed it out. THEN, she didn’t want to go on Wednesday because she knew we were taking her and his dad out to their anniversary dinner on Friday at Assaggi. So we dragged my mom into it and claimed that was the only night she could do dinner because of work. *whew*

So the four of us piled into the Pathfinder with his mom blissfully unaware that 16 people were lying in wait for her, including her husband who flew up early from Dallas, and her daughter who flew in from Maryland. The maitre’d played it up perfectly, asking if we wanted a table or a booth. “A table, please.” He led us to the back and said, “It’s really noisy out here, let’s see if we can find you something a bit quieter.” He put his hand on the banquet room door and gestured to Aaron’s mom. “After you.” She walked in and “SURPRISE!” She was so stunned and happy she cried; it was really cute. She was actually speechless, which is unheard of for her. 😀 So dinner was outstanding, as usual, and we rolled our stuffed selves home at about 10pm. I was wiped out from the work stress of the last four days and was in bed by 10:45.

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