Mar 082005

Oh, that’s right: lack of time off remaining. I can’t decide if I really feel worse or just bad in a different way from yesterday. The cough is slightly worse and I had a slight fever as of 6:30am, but I’m not as stuffed up. It’s not dire, but I prefer to head these things off right away instead of waiting til I’m on my deathbed to try and recover.

Had a good time at Nami last night with roadster_guy, _kosh_ and his hubby, dirtyglamour, and armusbear, although Nami’s sushi is fairly mediocre. But the company was much better than the food. Definitely want to hang out again sometime soon.

Gotta leave here at 12:30 to meet the electrician at 1pm, to work on the kitchen lights. The one that went out over the sink turned out to be just a burnt-out bulb, but the manner in which it died was not typical for a dead bulb. It blinked a few times before subsequently croaking thereupon, so we thought it was yet another general kitchen lighting failure. Still, hopefully he can fix the puck lights under the cupboards, and the overhead light, but I suspect that one will have to be replaced. Oh well, any excuse to go to IKEA, right?

I was supposed to go to the dentist for a cleaning at 3:30, but cancelled. Just don’t think I’ll have time between the electrician and having to go to class tonight.

I write the most exciting LJ entries, don’t I?

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