Mar 152005

Man, I’m overwhelmed today. Leftover stuff from the SSP firewall upgrade, 1.5 hour conference call about Singapore where I can barely understand a word of what one of the guys is talking about (mingmingmingmingmingmingming!), then him and the other guy start talking at the same time and I totally lose track of the conversation and start to daydream. Plus they’re asking questions I can’t answer because I don’t understand these proxy servers well enough. Plus miscellaneous stuff to take care of.

*sigh* I wish library work paid better, cuz I’m tired of having to think. I don’t wanna do it anymore. The peace and quiet of a big library, with lots of dark wood and brass lamps, sounds very appealing. Except for Boston Public Liberry. What’s-his-name from my ISS days is probably still there and he’s too high-strung for library work; he’d harsh my solitude buzz.

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